Monday, 28 March 2011

Radio Podcast Music Questionnaire

     I printed 10 copies of this questionnaire and gave them out to random people in Zennor building.
For question 1, most people said: hip-hop, dubstep and rock. Most people said that the college in general would be into chart music and popular music, so not much 'old' music or classics.
     Everybody said that they would listen to the radio podcast if it was easily downloadable from the intranet and/or the college website. Again; everyone said they would like to hear about events happening around the world, eg. news stories. I think this would be good because it wouldn't just be a podcast with about music with talking but it being a podcast, it wold be downloadable for a week so the news might get old and students would hear about it a week after it happened after already watching it on the news on tv. Not many people were interested about winning prizes from the college shop because students aren't that interested in winning pens and paper; this and the college has no budget to win amazing prizes like boats and holidays. 
     The idea of 'themed' weeks was a big success, everyone, not only answered yes but were asking me when it would start and giving me suggestions of what to use for the themes - island week.
Generally everyone wants the podcast to be downloadable from the intranet including past podcasts from weeks or months ago.

I think this questionnaire worked well because I found out alot of information about what students at the college actually want and their ideas. This has helped me and my work and I will tell Martin my ideas next time I have a meeting with him, which will be next week.

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