Monday, 21 March 2011

Music Webisode Storyboard

     Although I am not very good at drawing you can see a basic idea of what the webisode will look like. It starts off with the Penwith college logo and then fades to Zennor building. For the next shots I wanted to s how the music rooms in the college so it starts off in one room which is empty and then it speeds up (like from Cribs when they walk up stairs or something) then into the middle three music rooms. It ends up in the far music room to find the band playing. The video is basically the band playing and talking about the college, all the time the band's music is playing in the background of the video.

     I think that this video will work well because it will show possible students what the college is like, what the new buildings are like and it has a quite light-hearted and non-threatening theme to it which will hopefully make kids want to come here.
Although I originally wanted the students and Lee to use their own words about the college but in the end I've decided to write a script for them to say, this way will work best because I can make the speeches flow together.

     I will hopefully be filming this week so I will upload a mock-up edit of the webisode.

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