Monday, 28 February 2011


     We had a meeting with Martin Tucker and he just went over the brief and told us his aspirations for the project and shared with us last years ideas which he said were lacking exuberance. He said that as long as we had the basic idea of the project then we could basically do what we want within reason. 
     My group (Me & Tom) have come up with a few rough ideas for promotional materials: Firstly, a documentary about the campus, from the old building to the new ones, pictures from day one to the final day, etc. Secondly, a short promotional video (about 30-1.00 long) showing the new campus and what the college has to offer. We mostly focused on the vocational courses because most if not all colleges do the basic: maths, science, english etc. Thirdly we decided to make leaflets for the college. The college already has pretty impressive leaflets advertising the college so we wanted to do one specifically done by students, showing a list of courses and what the students think of the courses - basically persuading them to come to Penwith and not Truro or Camborne. 
     Martin said he liked these ideas and they could work well but the leaflets would cost money to be produced and he wasn't sure on the budget yet, if any. He said the main idea that stood out to him was the documentary and that ideally could be a viral video aswell, being uploaded to: Youtube, Vimeo, Mpora. He was cautious about facebook though, although it is a good place to spread to the word about up and coming projects and companies or advertising; it is also a place where 'haters' could group up on the college and say how rubbish it is.

     We took this criticism from Martin and started to forward our ideas, making sure to stick close to the brief and the client's main idea.

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