Monday, 28 February 2011


     We had a meeting with Martin Tucker and he just went over the brief and told us his aspirations for the project and shared with us last years ideas which he said were lacking exuberance. He said that as long as we had the basic idea of the project then we could basically do what we want within reason. 
     My group (Me & Tom) have come up with a few rough ideas for promotional materials: Firstly, a documentary about the campus, from the old building to the new ones, pictures from day one to the final day, etc. Secondly, a short promotional video (about 30-1.00 long) showing the new campus and what the college has to offer. We mostly focused on the vocational courses because most if not all colleges do the basic: maths, science, english etc. Thirdly we decided to make leaflets for the college. The college already has pretty impressive leaflets advertising the college so we wanted to do one specifically done by students, showing a list of courses and what the students think of the courses - basically persuading them to come to Penwith and not Truro or Camborne. 
     Martin said he liked these ideas and they could work well but the leaflets would cost money to be produced and he wasn't sure on the budget yet, if any. He said the main idea that stood out to him was the documentary and that ideally could be a viral video aswell, being uploaded to: Youtube, Vimeo, Mpora. He was cautious about facebook though, although it is a good place to spread to the word about up and coming projects and companies or advertising; it is also a place where 'haters' could group up on the college and say how rubbish it is.

     We took this criticism from Martin and started to forward our ideas, making sure to stick close to the brief and the client's main idea.


     We have been told to make questionnaires for students that are coming in to talk to us. I had already planned to make and give out questionnaires around the college to get an idea of what the target audience like about the college and what they would want to change.

     Two students came in: a degree student and an access student - here are the results of the questionnaire.

Access course students

Everyone had pretty much the same questions to ask both of the students.

The first was Alice – Access Student

1.     what course are you doing?

-       Access health and social care – biology units, maths, psychology, English, sociology, prepares you for a degree, cv help, prepares you for nursing and teaching, study skillls, time management, professional research

2.     what do you think of this course?

-       its really instense but enjoyable at the same time

3.     why did you choose Penwith College for further education?

- good prices, attractive course and new buildings

4. what do you want to do when you finish the course?

-       want to go into teaching

5.     why did you decide to come back to college?

-       because she had a child and couldn’t find the time to study and take care of a child

6.     what do you think of college?

-       lecturers are nice and helpful and it has a generally good vibe about the place

7.     what do you think about the college campus?

- the campus is a lot better than it used to be, the new buildings looks great

Second student – Kayleigh – Degree Student

1. what course are you doing?

-       Foundation Degree in Community and youth work, also doing teacher training

2.     what do you think of this course?

-       It is very hard but very enjoyable at the same time, lecturers are helpful

3.     why did you choose Penwith College for further education?

- local, easy to access

4. what do you want to do when you finish the course?

Teaching young people

4.     why did you decide to come back to college?

-       Had children and couldn’t find the time, but previously went to Falmouth college/university

5.     what do you think of college?

-       its easy to get things done with helpful teachers and students

6.     what do you think about the college campus?

- a lot better than it was before and now is very beautiful

     The results show that both students enjoy both the college and the course they are doing. Both saying how the campus has improved dramatically and that the college lecturers are helpful and friendly.
The main reasons why they came here was because of the area; both live in the Penwith area so the college was close and easy to get to.


Harvey gave us the brief for our new project which is to create multi-media promotional materials for the opening of the new campus at Penwith college. Although we haven't had a meeting with Martin Tucker yet I already have some ideas about what I want to do. I have decided to only write up rough ideas using the brief because if I generate an idea and work on it before even seeing Martin then it might not be what he wants and for this project we have to keep a close relationship with the client; catering to their needs and what specific aesthetics they want.